September 28-30, 2017

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4. Izmir Wind Symposium and Exhibition, will be held on October 28-30, 2017 organised by collaboration of Izmir Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and Izmir Chamber of Electrical Engineers.

Latest technologies, trends, products, services and regulations will be presented on an international platform; an extensive exhibition especially with local industry actors, will create networking opportunities.

Izmir, the 3rd biggest city in turkey, can be called as the capital city of turkish wind energy within its 200 km distance range, more than half of the installed and upcoming capacity is placed. Izmir has a key role with blade and tower manufacturing factories, international harbours, transportation, logistics capacity and sufficient infrastructure. Many developers, manufacturers and O&M services have chosen izmir to locate headquarters.


  1. Wind Power Project Development
    — Site selection and local regulations
    — Wind measurement systems and new technologies (LIDAR – SODAR)
    — Wind resource assessment and micro-siting
    — Administrative Procedure
  2. Wind Farm Design and Installation
    — Key points on project designing
    — Constructional and electrical considerations
    — Electrical aspects and the grid integration
    — Access, logistics and construction
  3. Wind Farm Operations
    — Operation & maintanence
    — Monitoring and control concepts
  4. Wind Turbine Technology and Local Wind Industry
    — Wind turbines and new technologies
    — Local products and manufacturing
  5. Environmental and Social Impacts
    — Environmental and social considerations on development phase
    — Local relations on installation phase
    — Çeşme peninsula case and future
  6. Financing of Wind Farms
    — Financial Models
    — Requirements For Investor
  7. Unlicensed (<1MW) Electricity Generation and Wind Farms

Any other relevant topics could be suggested and admitted.


→ Submission of abstract
March 31, 2017
→ Preview of abstract and feedbacks
April 17, 2017
→ Full paper submission
June 2, 2017
→ Final evaluation of full papers
July 28, 2017

Submission procedure and abstract format could be found on symposium web page: www.windsymposium.org

Asbstract submission address: izmir@ruzgarsempozyumu.org


Event offers business and networking opportunities for both international and local wind industry. Key industry players active and interested in turkish market will have chance to meet the investors. For further information on the exhibition: izmir@ruzgarsempozyumu.org